G003-MB / Copper Label Week Three

Ah. Back in Finland and enjoying the drop in temperature. The record for the lowest point this year was last night: –37,9 degrees Celsius in northern Finland. And it’s getting colder.


Luckily I’ve my woolen socks. Pair no. 1 + my boots, with some random stuff on the background.

Oh, but you want to see some pictures of Bruce, who is doing just fine. No special developments since the previous weeks.

Here’s more or less what they look like now.

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25 Responses to G003-MB / Copper Label Week Three

  1. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Good look Tuomas, The jeans bring back memories. The best jeans I’ve ever had. I have high hopes for this upcoming pair though. So let’s see what KIKS TYO and Momotaro Jeans deliver. :)

  2. I should def. visit Finland next winter… can’t believe those °C. That patch remains awesome as wel as the jeans of course… and I like your socks! what’s the brand, because difficult to find such socks over here…

  3. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Rob, you are most welcome. Maybe we can take a trip to the North to experience the winter at its coldest. But then again I guess it’s the South that has the most snow. :D

  4. Tim says:

    nice that you keep updating, Tuomas. cold is probably the wrong word considering this temperature.

  5. Taavi Kuisma says:

    I think freezing works better. :)
    Really awesome to see the jeans go through the two extremes of SE-Asian heat and the Northern ice. Should be a cool project, at least the start has been cool! Keep it up Tuomas!

  6. Tuomas says:

    Thanks for all the nice words guys.

    Rob, all my woolen socks are handmade either by my mom, my grandmother, my sister, a friend’s mom or some other kind-hearted female I know. I got a ton of them, and there’s never too much. I seem to wear through them faster than I do a pair of denim.

    By the way, woolen socks are also the very best thing to wear on a plane: warm, breathable, ridiculously comfortable…

  7. mario says:

    i may want come to visit finland some day to try that weather :)

  8. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Be sure to pack up warm jacket and a pair of good boots. Those are pretty essential. I’m sure Tuomas can add few items on the list. But whenever you feel like visiting the cold, dark North you’re most welcome. :)

  9. Tuomas says:

    You’re all most welcome! Make sure it’ll be for Christmas. It’s a tradition. No eggnog, but loads of mulled wine, vodka, snow mobiles and pretty elf-girls. How can it not be fun?

  10. Taavi Kuisma says:

    What? I can co-sign the mulled wine, vodka and snow mobiles but pretty elf-girls… C’mon Tuomas… Don’t glorify Finland’s Winter Wonderland image. During the 20 years I’ve stayed in Finland I have not met one elf-girl, not to mention pretty elf-girl. :D

  11. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Tuomas, I lived in Singapore for one year and spent 2 Christmases there. I thought we were talking about Finland here? :D
    …note… Singapore has a lot more cute elf-girls than Finland!

  12. mario says:

    @taavi and tuomas

    ive got the warmest welcome from the coldest place on earth haha thx
    i like to meet one of those cute elf girls :):)

  13. Ika says:

    i’m just enjoying reading all your comments guys, so hilarious hahaha…..

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