G003-MB / Copper Label Weeks One and Two

A two-week update. As I was on a holiday with no internet connection, there’s a little catching up to be done.

Week 1: Finland

Just basic wear here on the home turf. Freezing weather, snow storms, shin-to-thigh deep snow (should leave some nice tractions marks on the cuffs) and such niceties. Here’s a couple of additional shots of Bruce defrosting after being taken out of the pail. Check out the chunks of ice. A treat to pull on.

Week 2: Thailand / Malaysia

Enter a 50 degrees Celsius change in temperature. Heat never feels so stiflingly sweet as it does when coming from sub-zero temperatures. Bruce was sizzling. Bangkok was sweet, The beaches in Krabi even sweeter, Malaysia was an immense treat of delicious food, old friends and resplendent clubs. Oh, it was awesome indeed. NDH and Momotaro represented all the way through. M-Flo provided the tunes we were chilling out to.

Here’s a shot of me and Taavi wearing Copper Labels. The photo was taken outside of the KLCC shopping mall in Malaysia. Taavi’s has been worn for about 13 months when this photo was taken (here’s what they look like now) and he’s wearing them uncuffed. Bruce has been in the water for two weeks and there really isn’t that much of a change yet. Lessee what Bruce looks like after a year and we can have a comparison as to how different two pairs worn by different people can look like.

Havaianas rocks.

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18 Responses to G003-MB / Copper Label Weeks One and Two

  1. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Hahaa, Nice one Tuomas! Good to see my face on the post too. Malaysia’s treating the jeans well. I mean the jeans have faded since the picture was taken and it was not long ago. :)

  2. Tuomas says:

    Man. I miss Starbucks’ triple espressos.

  3. Ika says:

    yeah… diggin’ the flip flop Tuomas :P

  4. Tuomas says:

    Flip flops are essential during summer. Or holidays. Or simply essential!

  5. Taavi Kuisma says:

    I only have one pair of old ass Nike Flip Flops from 2006. They’re awesome though. Still, I only use those at “kampong” (village/countryside/home) walking around the house. Otherwise it’s the Nikes in the picture. The only sneakers (in addition to the Nike Zoom Kobe V – Team USA’s) I have here. Oh and my old Nikes, which I left here years back, but those don’t count I guess. :D

  6. Ika says:

    it reminds me that some of friends wearing the same things, i can say that jeans (especially skinny jeans)+flipflops = asian style

  7. Rob says:

    Amusing! Fitflops: A ‘Flop’ that more or less fits the foot! (hope you all know what the word flop means in dutch).
    Nobody fancy a decent pair of leather boots anymore?

  8. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Classic Timberland boots for the winter, I also have a pair of Sebago boots for the Spring, Summer and Autumn, but no winter here (and I’ll stay here until the snow melts) and the latter just happen to be in Finland so will most likely wear them earliest in May. :)

  9. Ika says:

    Red Wing is my first love….
    last night i attended the RW photo exhibition in amsterdam, both photographs and boots are just too good to be true.

    yes, i took some pictures for them :)

  10. It is a nice store… But, I’d love to visit the RW store in Hamburg & Berlin once, it is owned by our friends from Burg & Schild (Berlin), and they’re dope :-)

    And nice to read their is some boot loving over here too :-)

  11. Ika says:

    yeah… jeans and boots go side by side ;p

    sorry Tuomas for hijacking your Bruce here but i think your Bruce will look absolutely great on boots.

  12. Tuomas says:

    No prob Ika. I just need to find someone to take those shots of me and mine!

  13. Naja says:

    Damn… Why am I reading these posts only now? Me not like missing two handsssssome hunks! :D

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