If only…

Heya! Guess everyone’s got their engine running already and I’m a little late. But hey, I was only waiting for the right pair of jeans to arrive ;) They made it safely to my doorstep, eventually. And from now onwards, I shall be wearing Momotaro Jeans GL003-MZ Lady’s Line, for the next 365 days.

Oh, sorry. I should introduce myself. My name is Julia, a fellow Malaysian friend of Taavi and Tuomas, and currently living in Finland as an au pair. Back in Malaysia, despite the hot and humid weather, I wear jeans everyday. Basically, I live in jeans and I won’t stop wearing it. It’s so easy to pair it with so many different types of garment and shoes.

Unfortunately, I have never worn a good pair of jeans before. They were either bought from cheaply mass produced manufacturers or (the better brands were) good ol’ hand me downs. When corresponding with Taavi about my size for the jeans, I was very worried, as I know my proportions.

I have a large hip for my size, thus um, slightly thicker thighs (for my size!). I look slim on the outside, but really, I know the problems better than anyone else. When the waist fits, the length is usually short and it’ll look as if it’s ‘hanging’. When the length is good, the waist is too big. Skinny jeans are not my friends as they can never fit my thighs. On the other hand, I wanted to dress young and trendy and I really want a pair of slimmer jeans, if not skinny :(

With all these problems I had, coupled with the fact that I’ve gained some inches since coming to Finland (sigh), I decided to settle for size 29 as I couldn’t possibly follow my current jeans sizes anymore. Besides, they’re 27 and 30, both bought at different times in my life where I’ve shrunk and enlarged.

But trust me on this. These are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn in my entire life. No joke. They beat the Levi’s and Guess I’ve worn before. Comfortable fit, comfortable length. I’m still a little unsure about the waist fit, but I guess the problem lies on my body. Besides, I love the details here and there.

Like the quirky different coloured threads;

And the blue strip of cloth with Momotaro logo running along the waist, among others.

But here’s what it looks like, fresh out from the delivery box.I broke into the jeans straight away on Monday and tested it in the cruel and cold Finnish weather. I wore it to my evening language class, going through snow and cold wind, and with my usual pair of thick leggings inside, it kept me warmer than my old pair of jeans.

Day 2, I had another class, this time, in the morning. So, no time to wash it yet, and wore it throughout the entire day with the kids. Rolled in the snow and floors inside the house. At the end of the day, I decided that it needs a good hot bath. So I threw them into the washer. It’s now being washed as I write this. What’s more awesome is that these jeans can be tumbled dry. Now let’s see what’s the outcome after it has been in the dryer. Maybe, it’ll fit me even better.

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15 Responses to If only…

  1. mario says:

    3 girls with 3 different pair of denim in this project couldnt get better than this.

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    @Mario: Right you are Mario. The Project is about to get even more interesting! We are still awaiting introductions from few more participants.

    @Julia: The fit looks awesome Julia, the jeans will adjust just nicely, that I can promise. A daring start as well! Hot soak with tumbler! This isn’t called Project Wear and Tear for nothing! Can’t wait to see more pics…

  3. Tim says:

    Hi Julia, the fit is great for you. Welcome you and cant wait to she the pics after the wash…

  4. Julia says:

    Thanks everyone! More pics coming up!

  5. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Very nice, and yes… the Ladies’ Line Momotaro Jeans are Tumbler proof!
    Something like this should only be attempted if the tab/tag says TUMBLE DRY*. With majority of Momotaro Jeans you will most likely result with a pair of really shrunk jeans. :)
    Self evident maybe, but I needed to add the disclaimer! Haha…

  6. Rob says:

    Hi Julia. Great fit, as far as we can see of course. The high heels work well :-) Interesting about the tumble dryer. Please inform us about your before/after experiences, it’ll be food for Nora & other I suppose. Dunno why, but to me, the Ladies Momo’s all have a very pleasing fit, more; even a mens jeans fits a lady very well (Ika’s collab jeans). Impressed! Also very curious to read how you ladies are going to treat your jeans in terms of wear/washing… because I suspect this is a whole different story compared to us men. Good project so far, and it keeps getting better as the days/posts pass by.

  7. Tuomas says:

    …and now I want Malaysian food. Hi again Jewels! I’m on my way to do the thing with the guy at the place that you wanted me to take care of. So (you’re) welcome!

  8. Ika says:

    Hi Julia…. welcome to the girls squad, yes you’re the third lady :)
    with your perfect fit, i think we can beat all guys here…..

    talking about Malaysian food, i’m still craving for char kwe tiaw…. please Taavi, make some pictures for me :p

  9. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Haha, it’s anyone’s game now!
    @Ika: Sure. I promise to have a picture of Char Kwe Tiaw on the next post already!

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