The Amsterdam connection

While many of you were making decent mileage in the Wear ‘n Tear race I was still waiting in full anticipation on my Momotaro’s – Kiks Tyo jeans. Taavi shipped them directly from Japan so they could reach Amsterdam as soon as possible. While I was anxious to get my hands on them Taavi started sending me horror emails about massive customs charges and delays in shipment that others (Tim) encountered (no no no! I want them NOW!!! haha, sorry Taavi ;-)) However if positivity had a human presence in this world it would be someone like me so I kept being the usual happy camper about it and what do you know… They just came in free of customs charges!

As they were delivered to my office, security downstairs called with the message “Martijn we have a package for you with Jacky Chan in it” (because of all the Japanese lettering on the package) haha! I ran downstairs and picked them up. Just had to wear them immediately, no soak, no rinse, no freezing them in a bucket or anything (although I liked that!) straight raw denim to the flesh! I kicked off my selvedge Levis 501’s and jumped in ‘em. Check out the pics! (please excuse the shaky iPhone images)

By the way… sorry… I just realized that I’m so enthusiastic about the jeans that I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Martijn, Nordic Denim’s House Amsterdam connection and a viscous denim junky. While others around me smoke hash and weed in mega size bongs I peel little threads from my selvedge denim, roll ‘em up and torch these suckers with a blow torch ahhhh… my denim fix!!! ;-) Anyway nice to be on board of project Wear ‘n Tear… gotta go now, got the munchies ;-)

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  1. Tim says:

    Hi Martijn, they looke dynamite on you. congrats… keep rollin ;-)

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Haha, dope Martijn! Good look with the jeans. “Jacky Chan” I guess that would be the name of your jeans. Haha… :)

  3. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Damn, good intro Martijn, keeping it real straight from the start!

  4. Rob says:

    He Martijn… Greet fit, great attitude… but were used to that (Amsterdam) :-)
    According to Taavi, you’ll become a ‘smurf’… don’t forget to photograph that for us (idem dito for all you KIKS heros) :-)

  5. Taavi Kuisma says:

    After initial discussions with Momotaro and KIKS the idea given was that the denim would be similar to Copper Label, having the jeans now I am pretty sure, we’re dealing with raw denim here, definitely not one-wash, way too rigid. The denim although 14.7oz is in its texture and color very similar to Vintage Label. All I can say is that KIKS have made a pretty dam good choice with the fabric, well pretty much everything with the jeans is on point. Details coming up later tonight!

  6. Tuomas says:

    Welcome, the Man from Dam! Couldn’t stop yourself from showing off your boxers either, huh :D

  7. Ika says:

    Martijn, i like how you introduce yourself (Dutchie style eh?) and the fit looks great indeed….

    i think everybody should name their jawns…. just like Jackie Chan (Martijn’s) and Bruce (Tuomas’) ;)

  8. Ika says:

    mine is NFxMomotaro, no pink selvage helaas……
    since i mentioned pancakes too many times in the previous posts, so i rather call her Pankeki as Japanese people would say

  9. mario says:

    Greeting from jakarta , everyone starting to get their goodies . i know it was the best feeling when the security call you to get it.
    Taavi i think you’ll be the last to receive it lol ,nahhh kidding semoga orang kantor pos malay nya cepat ( i know you understand) haha

    • Taavi Kuisma says:

      Shout out to Jakarta!
      Haha, Pos Malaysia suka lambat. :)
      Last but not least, haha… The jeans are here and will be worn, maybe eve torn in the tropical Malaysia (Truly Asia)!

  10. mario says:

    now we need name for our jawns???? lol

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