0901 : The fit (3,5 weeks)

My lazy day I don’t care outfit… I should starting to trash this denim a bit more, it’ll improve the fit, especially the knee-flares.

Next update after the weekend :-)

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Photographer, Denim/workwear researcher & addikt :-)
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9 Responses to 0901 : The fit (3,5 weeks)

  1. Tim says:

    easy pics, like them a lot…

  2. Timmy says:

    fit looks just perfect there Rob

  3. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Good look Rob. When are you planning to soak the jeans… would also improve the fit a lot. As I remember you started to wear these raw right? Cheers!

    • RubyBlue says:

      Thx guys…. Soaking, maybe tonight, to get the dust out… Before wear, I quickly rinsed the jeans. Mmm, I compare to much with my 0201 I guess.
      I’ll trash it more in order to soften & loosen up the cloth :-)

  4. Ika says:

    diggin’ both pictures and fit Rob.
    btw i’m also planning to soak mine sometime soon.

  5. Mario says:

    yes! i like this vintage look picture rob ,just need more vintage or beat props beside you and youll be perfect , so how the fit after the soak?

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