0901 : The (improved) fit (4 weeks)

Hi y’all,

Yesterday a decided to give my pair a good warm soak to (hopefully) improve things a bit. I must admit I’m glad I did, as the fit pleases me more right now. After soaking (I sized down remember, unsanforized denim you know, tricky you know), I knew the waist would be way to small… so, immediately after the soaking procedure, I threw my legs in the 0901’s, took a deep breath, and finally buttoned them up… aghhh, very snug! After this little struggle, I changed them for a dry pair en let the soaked ones hang dry overnight.

This morning I knew they’d fit me perfectly, as they’re not not my first pair of unsanforized denim, nor my first experience with Momotaro denim. I love how stiff and carboard-like they were this morning. Also, the fit became a tad slimmer and I lost quite a bit in length, and all this is a welcome gift as well (heavy ounce (14+) denim needs a slimmer fit in my opinion…)

Below you can judge the fit yourself (and compare with the ‘before’ fit here); and again I decided not to post color pix, as there’s quite a bit of change going on and I’d like to keep that for next week :-).
Talking about tear, well… tear  has set in (though in a minuscule way, some broken yarns in the fabric itself). More of that in the next post…

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13 Responses to 0901 : The (improved) fit (4 weeks)

  1. Timmy says:

    looking good Rob!
    man those boots are nice

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Good look Rob, exactly why the slimmer styles of Momotaro Jeans should not be sized down as they will fit even more snug after warm soaking. But glad the jeans fit well! Looking forward to the updates pics as well. Cheers!

  3. RubyBlue says:

    Thx. May I add that it also depends on your body shape and that you need to have some experience before going the downsize route… There’s always some risk involved.
    Fit is very pleasing right now, just need to wear & wear & wear to soften the fabric and it’ll please me more in terms of fit :-) But, this is all personal preference of course!

  4. Taavi Kuisma says:

    I took action and “soaked” my jeans in a washing machine… the jeans in the machine as I am writing this…

  5. Mario says:

    it does improve the fit rob but am i seeing a hipflare , have the same problem with my eternal too , its kinda weird with the hipflare dont you think? i hate it bytheway

    • RubyBlue says:

      Hi Mario… on the pics yes, but they were like cardboard and all that stuff in my backpockets might be the cause..
      Now, they loosened up, settled &, no more hipflare :-) See pics next time.
      With my Eternals (811 & 884) I don’t have this problem at all, strange you do.

  6. Ika says:

    what i like the most is your noisy B&W photograph Rob :)

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