The Hulk – Week IV – Part II

The flight back to Kuala Lumpur was a pleasant one. Maxwell enjoyed it and so did we. The plane was bigger this time so I did not have any knee pain after the flight. Back in KL we had some time waiting for our ride home, so we established a temporary HQ at the coffee shop. My facial expression shows the number of emails and updates that needed my attention and it had only been few hours. Not really, just a funny face. Maxwell liked the chairs too.

We got home around midnight so I did not wash my jeans yet, but the washing machine looked really tempting. Few quick pictures before washing to show the jeans before the wash.

Oh and the “tear”. The denim itself did not tear, but following a jump over a fence the pink inseam stitching fro the crotch of the jeans did unravel a bit. Few stitches only, no big deal.

Next morning off to the washing machine the jeans went. I could not take the grimy sweaty pants no longer. Following the rumble in the jungle the jeans went through the rumble and tumble of the washing machine. Ah the fresh jeans.

After the jeans had dried under the sun (and some of the time in an air conditioned room) I stitched the unraveled part using my trusted sewing kit that I carry around in my duffle bag. Lucky I just happened to have the pink string to match the jeans’ inseam. I am very happy with the result and now the cosmetic error had been fixed.

So how do the jeans feel after the shower? Very good, the fit adjusted a bit more but the color did not change much. That’s mainly because of the cold wash. Following the Langkawi trip and all that wear the thighs and front show plenty of signs of wear. You can see the already faded thighs and the pictures show these parts much lighter as well. Still the jeans have their dark hue. Although I feel as if these jeans look pretty much the same as my previous project did after 3 months of wear.

This week has also been all about durian. The season just started for this King of Fruits as they call it here. Durian is like my favorite fruit. For those not familiar with this interesting (to say the least) delicacy, it is a custard like fruit, covered with tough spiked shell. It is very difficult to describe the taste but the smell is something like a pile of trash that has been sitting under the sun for few days. Strong smell, delicious taste. This fruit is pretty much banned from shopping malls, hotels, office facilities and public transportation, the smell is that strong.

Opening these things requires some skill as well. That skill I still don’t really have but I ca chop the fruit open. Just not as well as the my family members here.

Maxwell also likes this fruit very much as you can see.

Next week of the project will be interesting as well. Full of action and I’m just trying to keep up. It’s all good though. Stay tuned for more!

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4 Responses to The Hulk – Week IV – Part II

  1. Tim says:

    the jump over the fence was really close to the balls, man be careful….;-)

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Man… close indeed. But I guess this damage has more to do with the fact that I sag my jeans a bit, haha. All good though as we can see from the pictures… :)

  3. mario says:

    Durian was the greatest fruit! and also my favorite , i could eat a bunch of those
    great great update taavi

  4. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Durian is indeed awesome… Plenty more to eat in the next few days. haha… Cna’t get tired of it, or at least I have not seen enough Durian to get tired of it. :D
    Haha, I am trying to top the durian in the next post though… stay tuned… :D

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