Worn; not so new anymore

After 2 weeks of wearing:

Whiskers? Honeycombs? I’m just picking up the terms from Ika. No pancakes, though :D Oh and those lines under the back pockets…are those whiskers too? Back whiskers?

On another note, I can’t seem to capture the true colour of the jeans without having to edit the pictures. It’s either too blue or too dull black :( But I guess I just have to keep experimenting.

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8 Responses to Worn; not so new anymore

  1. Hi Julia, looks nice… Indeed, you’ve a white balance problem. Some images have a greenisch cast, the third one a magenta… Try to photograph on manual white balance to have a consistent color in your images. If it doesn’t work, I can properly balance them for you… Cheers.

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Very nice Julia, worn but definitely not yet torn. The jeans look nice but bound to get even better with more wear…

    On another note, the last two days have been so hectic I can’t even recall having days like these. Last night I actually crashed (fell asleep) close to 11pm and slept like 11-12 hours non-stop. Today, no different from the last few days, running from one place to another all day long… Damn… Let’s see what the weekend brings along…

  3. Taavi Kuisma says:

    To answer your question Julia, I guess the best name for the creasing under the back pockets is ass whiskers. :D

  4. Tim says:

    ass whiskers is not bad. just keep on wearing Julia.

  5. Ika says:

    your honeycombs will look awesome in no time….
    yes, keep on rocking it Julia

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