KIKS alive

It’s been a while…
as promised for a long time some update pics of my KIKS. The fit improved and is a lot more comfy now. I only did one more wash in Mai, if I remember correctly. Fit pics will follow soon.
In the last picure to the right you see a kinda ‘u’ shaped white mark where the indigo is rubbed off. This comes from my mobile which I carry in my right pocket. Considering my amatuer photo qualities the mark is far more visible in reality than one can see from the pic.
see for yourself


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  1. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Awesome stuff Tim. Nice to hear from you again and nice to see the jeans developing… The jeans look awesome… far more faded than my KIKS TYO x MOMOTARO JEANS collab…

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Indeed I thought so too, but alas my weight loss has taken its toll on the jeans… or with the fact that last week or so I have only rocked the G003-MB for the fact that though big, they still somehow stay on… Although I have to say the fading process was pretty rapid for the first 3 months. Will post an update shortly.

    One thing I noticed about your pair similar to mine is that the honeycombs or back of the knee creasing is far from prominent. Big difference between my Copper Label Momotaro Jeans and the KIKS TYO x MOMOTARO JEANS collab.

    Looking forward to further updates. Cheers!

  3. The man is back alive. Good lookin’ pair Tim!
    Are you trying to mislead us by picturing your jeans with the stripes on the left back pocket (pic 4)?
    Which pix is most color accurate btw?

    • Tim says:

      hahaha, no this happend by coincidence. but really good look to detail. cool man. taking good pics is not one of my strengths. The second to last pic, the first and second are pretty accurate i must say. will try better next time….cheers

  4. Mario says:

    Lookin good Tim! and yea nice hearing from you again..

  5. Tim says:

    the difference between the coppper label and the kiks one is massive. the fading is slower and yeah the whiskers are somewhat slow in developing. one thing to resolve that: wearing, wearing,wearing…

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