Day at the market

Some days just start better than others. Especially on weekends. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Saturdays and Sundays when I just sleep until noon, not that those days come across too often with Maxwell waking us up early enough on daily basis. But what about those better days? Well those days start early, you don’t feel tired and you go out to eat breakfast, have a good walk at the market buying fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s what we did the other day.

Jeci Chao was not equipped with Momotaro Jeans but has been wearing the Railcar Fine Goods Viper X001 jeans lately. Post soak and the jeans are looking pretty good.

My jeans have been fitting much better post-wash as well. The waist is still too loose but what are belts for. Although I might be in a need of a new belt as well. Maxwell spent his time in the market riding on daddy’s shoulders, giving him a bird’s eye view to everything that was going on.

The jeans are fully intact and fading nicely. Not as aggressive progress as with my Copper Label project but still all is moving along nicely.

Stay tuned for more… Next week, another wedding. This time not my own…

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7 Responses to Day at the market

  1. Rob says:

    Nice update Taavi. Always love to see environmental images :-)
    Seems your jeans does more or less fit right now… though hiphop style no?

    I’ll have to postpone my update, due to our big move, I’m without inet for a few days…


  2. Ika says:

    the husky boy should wear drypers! :D

    ps; been wearing my Vipers too… i lost focus on NFxMomotaro LoL….

  3. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Yeah man, the jeans fit much better after wash. Still baggy and sagging but at least better. Nice to hear you enjoyed the update and looking forward to yours as well.


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