Northern Denim Co. – Week 1

First off a shout out to my so Maxwell who was celebrating his first birthday today (though the party was yesterday). This Husky Boy is now getting some well deserved sleep after a busy weekend. I have celebrated my son’s first birthday in 39 degree fever, which could be better of course but it doesn’t matter. What counts is that Maxwell’s growing strong and enjoying this little journey called life.

Last week I hinted of a new denim project, which I kick-started week ago. Yes, the KIKS TYO x Momotaro Jeans collab is getting rest while a new pair of jeans is put through wear, tear and so much more.

So what’s the new pair of Jeans I am wearing on the daily now? The brand is called Northern Denim Co. and the jeans are first ever pair in the world for this brand and its Lot 3010 Vintage Straight line-up.

I wanted to save the unveiling of the label until this day, being that Maxwell’s birthday is as special a day that it can get.

I will write a bigger, better introduction of the brand/label on the NDH Blog soon but in short Northern Denim Co. is a denim brand. Not just any denim brand, but a Finnish vintage denim brand.

To quote Northern Denim Co. site, “I hope that people will cherish the jeans and that the project would introduce the Vintage Denim culture to even more people. Every pair of Northern Denim Co. jeans are hand made in Okayama, Japan by Rampuya & Co., famous denim artisans behind brands like Momotaro Jeans. Every pair of jeans is individual, different from one another just like we are.”

The denim is 13.5oz Old American Selvedge Denim made of 100% Memphis Cotton. Other details in short feature brass buttons and non-labeled copper rivets. All with a minimalistic design. The denim has an rough and rugged surface, slightly uneven as the denim used to be back in the old days.

The brand’s symbol is no other than Husky Boy, whom is printed on the leather patch and pocket bag.

I thorough introduction will be posted on the blog as soon as I muster the energy to write it, need to get rid of this fever first.

Just to add to the above mentioned, Northern Denim Co. jeans will be limited to 100 pieces and go into production upon getting sufficient number of pre-orders. The project is fully non-profit as all of the made profit will go to charity.

For more details visit Northern Denim Co,’s website Stay tuned for more and if you qould like to pre-order yours, just drop me a line at

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4 Responses to Northern Denim Co. – Week 1

  1. Naja says:

    Amazing, Taavi, both the jeans and little Maxwell. I sorta guessed the label featured the Husky Boy… ;)

  2. Allright! Respect! Congrats Taavi!

  3. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Much obliged. Thanks for your kind words guys. Mark my words, this is only the beginning… :)

  4. Ika says:

    Kudos Taavi!
    Husky boy (both Maxwell and jeans) go big….

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