G003-MB / Copper Label Week Thirty-five

No pictures, no show.

There’s an explanation behind it too. Yes, I did wear Bruce, and they were proudly displayed in the hospital where a surgeon (who else, really? a cook) cut me open like two pounds of pork. Clean cuts too. A tear in arthrodial cartilage (cartilago articularis). Anyway, now I’m walking with crutches — more on that next week.

There was an interesting moment in the operating room though. I’m being wheeled in on the motorised hospital bed like a panda to slaughter, without the bamboo, and there stands in front of me a bear of man, all red beard, tattooed arms and flaunting a skull embellished do-rag. With an axe this guy wouldn’t be as scary as with a scalpel or, in this case, masses of intimidatingly complex machinery that keep the patient alive. From behind this Shadow of Bane of Death comes out an angel of mercy: the anaesthetist (or anesthesiologist), pretty as a picture. And in no way did the bentsodiatsepine affect my judgement.

Her: Hi, I’m Dr. <Gorgeous>. How are you doing today? We’re gonna start by inserting the cannula for the general anaesthesia.

Me, with the best possible Joey Tribbiani-grin: Hey, how ya’ . . . *snooooooooooooooooorrrreeeeeee*

Now kids. Remember that¬†morphine is yummy¬†drugs are bad for you, don’t do ‘em.

Week thirty-four here.

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3 Responses to G003-MB / Copper Label Week Thirty-five

  1. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Cocaine… sorry morphine’s one helluva drug, as Rick James might put it. Get well soon tuomas!

  2. Ika says:

    dont be too harsh to yourself and bruce… get well soon Tiger!

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