0901 : The exp(l)osition

Hi everybody…

Times have been hectic with our bizz, I almost forgot myself, as well as my beloved 0901… Like i mentioned before, I started a new project concenring only Mister Freedom® garments. I must admit, I really admire the brands, and even more, I enjoy wearing it, beating the heel out of it!

This doesn’t mean I won’t stay true to my other all time favorite brand Momotaro, which I really do enjoy wearing… I’ll be starting wearing (though not daily, but hardcore, no soaks, washes…) my all time favorite, the Vintage label 0201, because I like the fabric, color, and also wanted to have a slimmer fitting jean.

So, what about my 0901? Well, as you all know, we opened a store a while ago, and I decided to make a wall displaying my worn in Momotaro jeans. Worn in, not torn, just hard enough to show some nice fading effects. If I kept on wearing them, people wouldn’t understand, if I don’t wear em long enough, people don’t understand. So, my little Momotaro gallery consists of jeans worn for about 9 months, I think the perfect wearing time to show people what it is all about without going to extreme. At OKIYA, we teach people about loomstate denim, at least, we try to!

After 9 months of wear, this is how my pair looks like, retired, vut not at all tired!

The other jean in the picture is my first 0201, worn for 8 months.

I’d also like to introduce a brand from Belgium, Eat Dust Clothing.  The two owners, Rob & Keith, Harley Davidson bikers & members of the Belgian Black Lodges Chapter, good friend of ours, launched their brand Eat Dust a while back. Hardcore clothing for the road. They use Japanse Denim fabric (KURABO) for jeans & jackets, NOS Belgian fabrics (wool, melton, …) and Belgian fabrics used for military purposes in the Belgian & French army/navy forces. Badass longlasting clothing, from Belgium :-) Have a look at our blog to find out more. If permitted, (if not please remove) some images :


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6 Responses to 0901 : The exp(l)osition

  1. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Good look Rob! The Eat Dust clothing looks pretty nice as well. The fresh jeans can’t compare with the worn & torn 0901 though. ;)

  2. Tuomas says:

    Why did I miss this?! Where have I been?! WHO AM I?!

    Indeed, sugary sweet work Rob. D’you really mean this is the end of the line for you? No more wear, apart form customers’ admiring glances at the store?

    I also totally approve of Eat Dust – the gear looks wicked and just the kind of stuff I’ve been looking for my personal use. Speaking of which, the Mister Freedom NOS chambray workshirt in red is also something that I’ve been looking for ages. Too bad you’re out of stock :D

    • Yuo’ve been to busy… just like me?

      It is not the end of the line for the jean for me, I do wear it from time to time, but it’s main purpose will be ‘SALES TOOL’ & exposition in our shop…

      The EAT DUST is dope indeed… 100% OKIYA approved as well ;-)
      The MF®, I can always get you one… :-) Which size?

  3. Tuomas says:

    Sweet! I’ll let you know when I can afford one :D

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