1 Year Evolution of Naked&FamousXMomotaro

The Project Wear and Tear ends here…. I’ve worn my jeans since Jan 11 2011. Even though I know there are still 3 days left, I believe it wont change my jeans much and Railcar Viper is waiting for me ;)

It’s been such a wonderful experience and I’ve been enjoying the project with all of you. I don’t think i could commit to one pair for the whole year without all your support. That’s why I would like to thank every single one of you my dear Wear and Tear friends for such a cool project and I’m gonna miss y’all.

Thank You so much Nordic Denim House <3

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  1. Great job IKA !!!
    Like you mention, it is very hard to keep on wearing a jean every single day for one year.

    As you know, I stopped wearing mine (daily basis) at 8Mo of wear… Not that I wanted to stop, but the jean is at display in the store… I’ll be wearing one for 3/4Mo now, and the next will be 12Mo+ (the new 0702). If you display a jean and it is worn to much, people don’t understand the evolution from new to current state… if you can show it gradually, they suddenly do :-) That(s why I opted to stop wearing it at the 8Mo mark : beautiful evo without going over the top… (See it as a commercial decision)… And I have my eyes on some ONI’s… pfftt, ro much denim, to littel time ;-)

    See ya soon?

    • Ika says:

      yes, you’re right Rob… it’s so damn hard and i think it’s more like 10.5 months of effective wear. i have also some other jeans at 7, 8, 9 months evolution but they’re completely different brands and cuts. We have to admit that all of us here have denim addiction, we buy more jeans than we could fade them LoL….

      shall i bring my jeans too on Sunday?

  2. Tuomas says:

    Nice work! And congrats for a job well done. I’m right behind you :)

  3. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Jesu Cristo! As the Italian Spiderman might say. That’s one impressive pair of jeans. Well done Ika. I think the top three is starting to be rather obvious right now. :)

  4. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Indeed, Tuomas has some time left to catch up. But I think we are going to move into the voting stage soon. Real soon.

  5. mohdkhaLid says:

    Hi, Ika.
    Good pair of art u’ve made!!
    Just wanted to ask u, how did u take care of these pair of jeans thru out the year & how did u clean them up? (i bet ur not wearin them for one year without washin)

  6. mohdkhaLid says:

    Olrite, thanx for the tips mate!

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