G003-MB / Copper Label Week Forty-three

It’s good to have friends. Yes, you too, supporting this whole project, the Northern Denim Co., and (especially) all of you you giving me all the nourishing compliments (I love you). To get back on track, the really good friend I’m referring to is the wonderful person who hemmed their Momotaros and gave me the extra piece of denim (without torture, threats or blackmail, honest).

For those of you, dear readers (whom I also love), taking your first steps into the Raw World, a brief explanation: Receiving a piece of genuine selvage denim from a buddy is like receiving a heart transplant. Or at least a kidney. Or a liver.

Being overjoyed, it becomes unnecessary to explain just what a boon this transplant was. Especially since there was that previously torn knee bit letting in all the cold winter air. Now, if I wanted to feel that draft gently caressing my nethers, I’d wear a kilt.

Compare and contrast the colour difference. I now have a wear and tear project within the existing wear and tear project. Sweet, huh.

Week forty-two here.

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3 Responses to G003-MB / Copper Label Week Forty-three

  1. Tim says:

    …and another, well done, episode of “how to rescue your jeans”!!! good job

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Wow, wow, wow… Momotaro Jeans in Momotaro Jeans. Awesome. Like Tim said it, another great “how to rescue your jeans” edition. :)

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