Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Gong Hei Fatt Choi or just Happy Chinese New Year. The year of the dragon is here. Is it the water dragon or golden dragon? Not sure which dragon year is it? Whatever it is, it’s going to be a big year. The Northern Denim Co. jeans are almost ready and should ship out from Japan early next month. Excited? I know we are. Most of the jeans will be shipped forward to across the world. Germany, Austria, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Finland, Thailand, Netherlands and Estonia to name few countries in the list. We’re stocking some pairs in Finland and Malaysia as well in case you have not ordered yours but would like a pair.

So what about Chinese New Year? Praying for good fortune for the upcoming year.

Fireworks on pretty much every evening for the past 1-2 weeks.

Lion dance (naturally).

And plenty of quality time spent with Jeci Chao and Maxwell.

It was a bit shorter CNY holiday for yours truly this year. So much to do, so little time. But I had some rest and next week(end) we’ll be heading back to the highlands to enjoy some cool breeze of Genting. Not to mention the not so cool breeze of the casinos. If history repeats itself, I will probably just walk around with Maxwell while everyone else enters the casinos. Sigh, such is life. But to be frank, I rather walk around with Maxwell since those moments are the few remaining minutes and hours a day when I only focus on one thing, my son.

So what about the jeans? 3.5 months old. Worn, not yet torn. The fabric has softened a lot. The jeans have a bit dirty feel to them which indicates I need to wash the jeans asap but I might try to restrain myself for another month before washing the jeans. Well even if I washed them earlier, I’m pretty sure the jeans would only get better. Because they feel and look like million bucks already. And might I say, there is not better attire in +30 degrees Celsius weather than a linen shirt and a pair of 13.5 oz denim.

Next stop, Genting. But before that some formalities regarding the project/contest. Back on that on Thursday. Till then, be easy everyone.

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9 Responses to Gong Xi Fa Cai

  1. Andrew C says:

    Planning to wear the jeans into SnowLand in Genting?
    Dirty feel is ok-even better is dirty look- a DSquared jeans with stains and dirt-sells for USD400+,even has silver glitter on it.

    Hmm, like your belt.
    Maxwell is proving to be strong and brave–a lion dance head,also not afraid.
    Yep, pray for good fortune, good health and inspiring ideas in the Year of Water Dragon.
    Golden Dragon–I guess will be when it the Year of Metal Dragon(elemental sign)-that will be year 2060.

    • Taavi Kuisma says:

      Hi Andrew! Thanks for the clarification. Water Dragon it is then. Cheers!
      Glad to hear you like the belt. My only belt and thus favorite as well. Gucci signature belt bought back in 2010. My wife’s birthday present. :)

      Perhaps I won’t go to SnowLand, so much snow in Finland already. :D
      Just cool highland air is enough. I think the jeans will be OK for another month or so. Planning a trip to Penang on the 17th of February, thus it will be another trip the jeans will have to just survive. :D

      • AndrewC says:

        Hmm, let the scent of “char kuay teow”, “assam laksa”, fried “Oh Chien” (fried oyster omelette), some nasi kandar from LineClear(or Beratur-Restoran Liyahkat/Liyaqat@ Masjid Kapitan Keling) enveloped /show on the jeans.

        Then it will be designed in Finland, Made in Japan, scented specially in Penang.

        Been quite a while since last trip to Penang.

        Yep, can see it is a Gucci with its insignia. I love belts too. Just like jeans, they also develop their character over time of wear.

  2. Tim says:

    Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! The jeans evolve just great. can’t wait for the jeans to be shipped…the pic with Maxwell on your shoulds is just lovely… btw Andrew C is right with his DSquared comparison…

    • Taavi Kuisma says:

      Thanks Tim. Have to catch up with you. Did you get the Heritage Post already?
      No personal experience of DSquared, but I take both of your word for it, haha. :)
      The jeans are on their way. March is almost here.

      • Tim says:

        I received a note from DHL that i missed a package today, could be The Heritage Post…unfortunately you have not yet received yours, be patient my friend. cheers from good old Europe

  3. Andrew C says:

    Am also eagerly waiting for mine.
    @Tim, thanks for concurring,though personally, when it comes to jeans, I never compare on price -like it, buy it..then like @Tuomas put it to hell and back….and voila through one’s own effort and lifestyle..one creates character on it,instead of one that went through a “lab”.
    And as @Taavi puts it…like watches and wine..treat it like investment..i.e…I have a walk in wardrobe,which I installed a dehumidfier(in Malaysia..it is humid) and when air drying,after few hours in our sun..it is taken indoor,where there is also an air ioniser to circulate the air…..though maybe like “Eternal” , I may want to hang it on my mango tree in the back of my garden,and let the mango scent into the damp jeans….I cannot grow raspberry over here..otherwise like Naked& Famous SS12, raspberry scratch and sniff line.

    My idea to @Taavi–durian-Malaysia’s King of Fruit–it is just like Pont l’Eveque.

    • Taavi Kuisma says:

      Hahahaha… Durian odored denim would be something special. My jeans have only smelled like Durian after Maxwell wiped his hands on my jeans after eating durian. :D
      Or perhaps it was my hands…

      I think dehumidifier is good in Malaysia. Would not mind one myself. :)

      • AndrewC says:

        Cleaver Maxwell..and not wiping on his own clothes…because mummy will scold.
        Daddy will not scold..he is too sexy..scolding Maxwell will not make him sexy anymore..remember this..haha.

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