New Year in 30,000 feet

It was definitely a New Year’s eve like no other. Not too often you get to observe New Year Eve’s fireworks from the window of an airplane. We left Finland at 6pm (Finnish time) with everything packed, wrapped and ready to go.

Good times at the airport with Maxwell.

Maxwell started New Year’s celebration a bit early with the complementary wine bottles.

The first stop was at Amsterdam, where we had a short one hour transit. I have to say there is nothing worse than running from one side of the airport to the other to board another plane with minimum time at hand. Well we got to the “other side” and even had some time to lounge there waiting for the boarding. Time spent chasing Maxwell on the waiting area.

Off to the plane and we were lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of the “baby seats”. Maxwell even got a cradle to sleep in. I was certain we would have to do without the “extra bed” but he still got it. Made his and our journey a lot more relaxing.

So fast forward 11.5 hours and we got back to Malaysia which feels even hotter than it was when we left the good country 3 weeks back. Chinese New Year is just behind the corner and that usually means hot climates.

If you want to add, another good thing about this journey was to prove that the Northern Denim Co. jeans are winter proof, heat (as in hot weather) proof and made for globe trotting. Only getting better. Below just few sneak peeks of the current state, more close ups next week. It’s all business once again but stay tuned for more updates from around the way.

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3 Responses to New Year in 30,000 feet

  1. Ika says:

    im sure you had such a cool new year celebration on plane… love the pics much esp the dynamic duo photo! like father like son, that picture is golden ;)

    cant wait to get my hands on Maxwell jeans…

    oh Chinese new year is on Jan 23, get ready for the Dragon!

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Cheers Ika, it was cool celebration.
    Glad you like the pics. The dynamic duo pic is golden like Maxwell’s hair. :)

  3. Tim says:

    the dynamic duo! Ika, GREAT!!!…love the post

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