G003-MB / Copper Label Week Fifty-two

By Taavi’s request. This week’s post compiles a few of mah favourite shots from along the way. Rather than showing off the denim again, I thought I’d share the pics that were the most fun to do. After all, at least to me, the bigger pleasure than the denim itself was all the activity and fun of the project shared by all of the participants — and our supporting crews of friends and family (who shake their heads and laugh at our silly hobbies).

A big thank you to everyone involved and to Taavi for setting this up. Keep the motor revving guys. And share the fun.

Week fifty-one here.

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3 Responses to G003-MB / Copper Label Week Fifty-two

  1. Taavi Kuisma says:

    All ends well. Good stuff Tuomas. Haha, the second last picture shows the exhaustion that is Project Wear and Tear then last picture… puppies. :D

    From frozen bucket of jeans to puppies sleeping in those jeans, I think these jeans have seen it all. :D

  2. And best of all… they are impressive! All to antwerp to see them in person :-)

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