Fading 3010

Time flies, I can’t believe I have worn the Lot 3010 jeans for over 6 months already. I guess the recent launch of the brand and products sort of distorts the time as the first pair produced, or the sample I am wearing was produced, packed and shipped already last year.

I am happy I chose the 13.5oz Old American Selvedge denim for the project, though the denim is rigid enough to withstand wear and tear, it’s light enough to remain comfortable even in +30 degrees Celsius.

Below pics of the fading process.






My belt, worn every day since I got it in September 2010 is also showing signs of wear and tear. I need to fix the belt soon to ensure I can keep wearing it as it is quite dear to me. Although I am thinking of getting a new belt as well. However recent events have forced me to re-evaluate where I spend my money. While I’m not gonna elaborate on the biggest issue at hand, yesterday my Omega just flew off my hand and crash landed on the floor breaking the glass and damaging the clock work. Sigh…


Thus I will be sending the watch to Switzerland to be fixed. I know it’s a worthy investment, but it definitely won’t be cheap.

But such is life. You win some, you lose some. Lucky there are more important things aside from the material that count. So focusing on those things right now…


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2 Responses to Fading 3010

  1. Tim says:

    impossible to fix the watch in Malaysia?the jeans looks dope…

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Impossible man…
    Omega service here only deals with watches 10 years and younger. My watch dates back to 1972 so no choice but to send it to Switzerland. But then again the Swiss should know how to treat my watch right. ;)
    Thanks for the kind words, loving the jeans. The evolution just stepped up a gear at 6 months. Damn nice!

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