Northern Denim Co. – 6 months

I’ve intentionally kept the Wear and Tear blog quiet in the past weeks. We just finished hell of a year and I thought we should take a break before restarting the blog with new (and some on-going) projects. What I had in mind for 2012 was that I want to keep posting updates on my on-going and future projects and as per what I heard from some of our other participants they might want to keep posting their project pics on the site as well. So without further due, I kick-start the 2012 Project Wear and Tear without Lion Dance or other celebrations but rather with a picture of sugar cane. Not the jeans but actual sugar cane which is pretty awesome. It’s like chewing on a tree branch that has sugar water inside. Something new, something fresh and random enough for the blog.

So back to the jeans…

6 months in and the Lot 3010 jeans are better than ever. I’ve been moving around quite a bit and I was supposed to post pics of my Penang trip but the pics are still stuck in Jeci Chao’s iPhone (lame excuse, I know) but I think pics of the jeans in their current state would do nicely.

More will definitely follow and I will try to find time for some proper pictures with proper lighting ASAP. But the pics do give nice indication of where are we. The jeans hit some hard times too as Maxwell was a bit (understatement) sick for few days and what sick kids do is that they mess up their daddy’s jeans. No further details but the jeans went through 2 washes in 1 week. But that has not slowed down the progress, rather the other way round. The jeans are fading fast and I believe they will only get better in the next 6 months. So stay tuned for more.

Oh and have a look at the fresh pics of the brand new Lot 3010 jeans that are shipping soon to much anticipating customers. We still have stock across different sizes so those interested, feel free to drop me a line.


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2 Responses to Northern Denim Co. – 6 months

  1. My kind of denim…. slow fading!

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Cheers Rob! The denim is pretty, pretty nice. Might I say so myself. I mean very different from the other denim I’ve worked with. The irregular pattern and fading quality make it quite unique. Get a pair. ;) we still have stock left. :)

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