Since I received my Northern Denim Co. jeans yesterday, Taavi recommended soaking the jeans before putting them into actual use. In the past I did one soak with the KIKS@Momotaro model but this is to be neglected since the pair was already sanforized. Actually, I did not feel like soaking the jeans (waiting for the jeans to be dry means not wearing, mmpf). Part of that feeling was also due to my lack of knowledge of how to soak my raw jeans. I browsed the net and knew a place right away:

Reading through it I thought:too lazy! By then my girl came home we had some beer (bank holiday due to eastern the next day) and I thought, well I gonna soak the jeans while wearing. Said and done I found myself in the hot bathtub for 45 min, wearing the new jeans. It was like a sauna experience since I sweated my a** off. It was lots of fun. My girl took pics in our caramel palace bath from the 70ies and was teasing me all around that maybe I not only shrink the jeans but also myself. After the 45 min I turned the jeans inside out and gave it another, but this time cold soak, for more than 2 ours. After that I hang em dry and I am wearing them right now. See for yourself:


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8 Responses to Soaking…

  1. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Haha, crazy stuff Tim! :D

    How’s the fit post soaking? I heard you got the jeans chainstitched already. Curious to know more. :)

    Talk soon!


    • Tim says:

      Thx Taavi. I/We had a lot of fun taking the pics. The fit of the jeans is way better than before soaking. Yeah, the chainstich post is about to come soon…

  2. Ika says:

    i was thinking to wear em raw… still not sure whether im gonna soak mine first but after seeing Tim’s pictures, i might do the same lol…

    i was sick for couple days so didnt have time to drop by post office yet. i’ll pick the package up soon and im excited now….

  3. Tim says:

    Hi Ika, the fit, of course, improved after the soak and I like it a lot more. As I said it was my first real soak which was the reason doing it. It makes more sense hemming the jeans after a soak. Good to read you are doing better now healthwise…get the jeans and enjoy ‘em. cheers

  4. Taavi Kuisma says:

    Soaking any raw jeans is of course recommended. But Jeci is wearing her jeans raw and the fit is pretty nice still. The jeans took about a half day’s wear to adjust. And like Jeci was saying after few hours the jeans felt very nice. I bet they will only get better after soaking. Fit pics below.

    • Ika says:

      oh i’ll post my after soak fit pics… and yes i’m one of those 5 girls living in husky boy jeans ;)
      everything is perfect (fit, size and inseam), Thank you so much Taavi for awesome jeans!

  5. Tim says:

    really nice one for women. like it.

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