Vipers Strike Back

It’s been a while since Project Wear and Tear over and i’ve been rockin’ Vipers since then, so here is my 4 months of wear Viper. The subtle blue fading is something that i expected from cone denim and they evolve pretty well, dont you think so?

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9 Responses to Vipers Strike Back

  1. Tim says:

    looking good already, by the queen of fading…

  2. Ika says:

    walking, running, biking, working in lab and washing em once ;)
    Thanks Tim!

  3. Tuomas says:

    There’s this ‘trademark Ika’ look – whiskers and wallet, or the WAW-effect if you will – starting to form already.

  4. Tuomas says:

    How much did your Railcars shrink after the first soak?

  5. Nothing beats cone in terms of beautiful fading!

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