New Project – Truly custom pair of jeans

Hi y’all! It has been few weeks since my last update on Project Wear and Tear. I have been thinking what can we possibly do to top Project Wear and Tear or Lot 3010? I’ve noticed a lot of inquiries about custom jeans, and then it hit me; how about a denim project defined by you, designed by you and eventually worn by you? I have not come across such denim project as of yet, but I think it could be fun or at least little bit awesome. Below a quote from our Blog on the topic. Let us know how you feel via comments here, via email or on Facebook, or via Twitter for that matter. If there is support, we’ll do it and start talks with the good folks in Japan.

We all have our dream jeans / denim. We have our preferred fit, denim fabric, hardware, stitching color, leather patch and pocket lining. Denim enthusiasts try number of labels, brands and types of jeans to find the ideal pair that will go through the Wear and Tear. Some even voice out their preference to the brands. But has your dream pair of jeans been made already? That’s the question that came to my mind and that spiraled an idea of a crowd sourced pair of jeans. A pair of jeans you (yes you, our dear reader) design. A pair of jeans designed by the fans, enthusiasts or denim appreciators altogether. I think it would be an awesome if not ultimate denim project. So what do you say, shall we create the ultimate pair of jeans. We have lots of friends whom can help produce this ultimate pair a collaborative pair of jeans you can help design and then get for yourself.

We would be open voting for the:

– Denim
– Fit/Cut
– Hardware
– Stitching color
– Pocket lining fabric
– Back pocket design
– Flasher design
– Number produced (depends on the response and how many people would like this project to see daylight)

We would definitely need to set some borders but naturally we would offer as many alternatives as possible.

So what say you, should we start a new Denim Project? We shall call the project “Lot… You decide it” I think it would be first of its kind. Designed Online, Made in Japan, Worn Worldwide

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