Durian season

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or nowadays it seems to fly even if you’re not. I guess I’m getting old. But old as I might be getting, I’m still living every day like it’s my birthday. Life’s good. Nothing to complain about. especially when it’s durian season. Fruit diet this weekend.


Speaking of good, the Northern Denim Co. Lot 3010 jeans went to the washing machine this morning. Another incident, not involving Maxwell though. My jeans might be getting tagged soon. The little artist that lives in most children recently woke up and Maxwell has been expressing himself on every piece of paper he can find, as well as our doors and walls. Priceless…


But the jeans… The jeans are getting better by the day. I know I am repeating myself but it’s for real. I love these pants and love the fact that they met my expectations.





The denim evolution continues month by month though the jeans have met man washes. I’m working on the project’s next steps and hoping to extend the brand with another project soon. I have few ideas but I need to look at the situation and the plans again to define what project works best for the brand right now.

I recently opened the brand up for retailers as well. If you and your store would like to carry Northern Denim Co. Feel free to drop me a line. Aside from Nordic Denim House we have a representative in Taiwan and we’re open to extend the brand to other stores as well.

It’s all good. Midsummer weekend is done and we’re taking on the new week full on. It’s gonna be a busy week but I bet it’ll be awesome as well.

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  1. mario michael wiliamson says:

    honestly speaking taavi.. you like durian? hahahahaha cuz i love them!

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