The comparison – Lot 3010 vs G003-MB

As mentioned on Facebook yesterday. It’s about damn time I did a comparison between two of my favorite projects. The Northern Denim Co. Lot 3010 13.5oz Old American Selvedge Denim and Copper Label Momotaro Jeans G003-MB 14.7oz denim. One similarity between the jeans is that both projects were and are awesome.

The Lot 3010 jeans got a wash last night after few months of non-stop wear and the jeans are again fresh… The difference between the jeans in terms of wear is about 7 months or so, but considering the similarities, I am pretty sure the Northern Denim Co. jeans will be rather similar 7 months from here. I have to dig up the status of my Copper Label project at same time from few years back.

Lot 3010






Life goes on and what better way to celebrate life than some BBQ crab!


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2 Responses to The comparison – Lot 3010 vs G003-MB

  1. Ika says:

    3010 is bad boy! bit harder to beat than G003MB.

  2. Taavi Kuisma says:

    G003-MB had a good run though. But I believe 6 months ahead Lot3010 will be victorious in terms of wear and tear. :)

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