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Month 10th

Finally i got the mood and Sunshine to takephoto here , although still lazy to get outside and take the shot:tongue: weather were so comfortable to stay in bed allday.

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Autumn is On the Way

Summer Holiday is Finish , the routine is back to normal… hope Fall/Winter come more faster..

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NFxMomo 200th days 1st wash

Before warm wash

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B e i j i n g

A week trip to the capital…. Starting our journey again by train…not just ordinary train but FastTrain yes… How Fast is it? Its this fast

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After 19 hours of Train travelling from hangzhou at last im arrive at shenzhen before crossing to hongkong

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Sleepless Night

Gone drinkin with some friends till the sun comes up and i ended up in the park and didnt forget to shoot some photo for this beloved project…although im feelin pretty rough inside and out

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Going nowhere except studying… from this past few weeks SDA , Lee, Ogl, Nfxmomo and Clarks

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Travel Update

Time For Another Travelling update on this Projects And hope you guys dont get bored Starting My Flight back to Home

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To the Top

Done a little Adventuring with my beloved NFXMOMO Start…

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