The Denim

KIKS TYO x Momotaro Jeans – Basic Denim
These jeans are a special blend of Going to Battle and Copper Label Momotaro jeans mixed with KIKS TYO style. The collaboration’s Going to Battle approach coincides with the military based “Squad” theme of KIKS TYO’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The Copper Label influence again is in the 14.7 oz denim from Momotaro Jeans/Rampuya. The jeans combine Copper Label’s wonderful fading  with the Going To Battle Label’s Japan Lines. The jeans also feature KIKS TYO tab sewed on the side of the right back pocket. The buttons and rivets are same as the ones you can see on Momotaro Jeans’ Going to Battle Label.

Naked & Famous x Momotaro Jeans – Skinny Guy
Naked & Famous Skinny Guy gets a “made in Japan” version in a collaboration  project between Naked & Famous and Momotaro Jeans. The collaboration features the denim know-how and artisan spirit of Momotaro Jeans as well as the innovative style of Naked & Famous. The jeans feature vintage denim details such as tobacco chain stitching, hidden rivets hidden selvedge line in the coin pocket as well as embossed belt loops. Since the jeans are produced by Momotaro Jeans, there are also brand specific details such as Momotaro Jeans hardware and their signature pink inseam stitching. The deer skin waist-patch features graphics from both companies, the Naked & Famous pin up image combined with Momotaro’s Peach Boy.

Momotaro Jeans Copper Label G003-MB – Wide Straight
A classic pair of Vintage Jeans. High-rise and easy fit Momotaro Jeans, which use first-class long fibre cotton in production of denim that not only gives the jeans a beautiful blue color but also gives that comfortable fit from the first time you pull on the jeans. The jeans are dyed with pure indigo using indigo dyeing technique that reproduces a classic deep blue color. The 14.7oz denim is woven by skilled craftsmen using vintage shuttle looms and washed in the Marine essence same as Seto-Sea’s water, rich with minerals. The combination of these elements lets the jeans wear in unique ways producing truly personal fading.

Momotaro Jeans – Vintage Label 0901 – Classic Straight
These jeans have the vintage taste in pure denim. The raw Momotaro Jeans will shrink after initial soaking and subsequent washes and then gradually stretches to its dedicated size in wear. Vintage Label uses rigid 15.7oz denim dyed wit the darkest pure indigo for a truly deep blue hue. Sewn with thickest type of 0s yarn the jeans are all about Vintage Denim and thus have no decoration on the back pockets, just genuine, solid jeans. The thick, slightly tapered classic straight jeans are not just durable but comfortable as well.

Momotaro Jeans – Going to Battle Label 1005SP – Middle Straight
The tapered alternative to Classic Straight cut jeans. The 1005SP is made of rigid 15.7oz denim, dyed with darkest pure indigo. The jeans have one-wash finishing and have been washed in the essence of Seto-Sea’s water. The painted lines on the back pocket are a White lines are a sign of Japanese tradition and fade along with the jeans providing a unique, personal look.

Momotaro Jeans – G003-MZ Ladies’ Line – Natural Straight
GL003-MZ – Natural straight Ladies’ Line Momotaro Jeans
Ladies line is 100% cotton woven using vintage shuttle looms used for decades to weave perfect denim. The special long length fiber cotton gives you a flexible feel. The GL003-MZ Natural Straight cut has high rise, and slim straight fit. The denim is one-wash 14.7oz denim that’s safe to wash and tumble dry as the denim has been pre-treated to minimize the shrinkage. Truly original Japanese jeans for women.

Momotaro Jeans – Ladies’ Line 7003SP – Tight Straight

Original Japanese denim for ladies woven with high quality cotton using vintage shuttle looms. The denim consists of special long length fiber cotton that gives you a flexible feel. The 7003SP Ladies’ Line jeans have tight straight fit and the denim is sanforized 14.7oz original old blue fabric, that recreates the old blue from the time when all-Japanese jeans were born.

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