Ika is a masters student at Delft University of Technology living in Hague, Netherlands. Ika spends a lot of time in the lab doing some research for her graduate thesis, but finds time for denim and street photography as well. She is also wearing the Naked & Famous x Momotaro Jeans collaboration. Click here for Ika’s introduction.

Julia is NDH’s friend from Malaysia, currently staying in Finland as an au pair. She’s very much a denim person and she herself put it, “back in Malaysia, despite the hot and humid weather, she wears jeans everyday. Basically, she lives in jeans and won’t stop wearing em’. It’s so easy to pair them with so many different types of garment and shoes.” Julia is wearing Ladies’ Line G003-MZ Momotaro Jeans. Click here for Julia’s full intro.

Mario is from Jakarta, Indonesia currently living in Hang Zhou, China. Mario is also a denim enthusiast who appreciates artisan products such as leather goods aside from denim of course. Mario is participating in the project with Naked & Famous x Momotaro Jeans collaboration denim. You can read Mario’s introduction by clicking here.

Martjin is Nordic Denim House’s Amsterdam Connection. He is a “vicious denim junky. While others around me smoke hash and weed in mega size bongs he peel little threads from his selvedge denim, roll ‘em up and torch the suckers with a blow torch ahhhh… his denim fix!!!” Needless to say more. Martijn is wearing the KIKS TYO x MOMOTARO JEANS collaboration jeans in the project. Denim that on its arrival got titled Jacky Chan, click here for the story behind the jeans.

Another lady participating in the project is Rob’s wife Nora who is wearing Momotaro Jeans 7003SP Momotaro Jeans Ladies’ Line. Nora is working together with Rob on the Okiya project. You can click here for Nora’s introduction.

As Rob himself said it, he is a “denim & workwear passionate whose preferences go to the artisanal and handmade stuff, made in the US, Europe or Japan.” Rob is participating in the project with Vintage Label 0901 Classic Straight Momotaro Jeans, you can read his introduction here.

The man behind Nordic Denim House and Project Wear and Tear is participating in the project with KIKS TYO x MOMOTARO JEANS. Aside from running NDH, Taavi is also active blogger on the NDH Blog and here is what I have to say about himself. “I have seen the world and brought along bits and pieces from each journey. There are no random moves, nor random trips on my journey. I’m a man, husband, father, son, businessman, entrepreneur, writer and a student of life. I strive to conquer the world and enjoy carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.” His full introduction can be found by clicking here.

Friend of Nordic Denim House from Germany who was the first in the batch to get his KIKS TYO x MOMOTARO JEANS for the project, he was probably among the first in the world (outside of Japan to get his jeans). Needless to say he was happy about the raw pair of jeans. You can read Tim’s introduction by clicking here.

Timmy’s a resident of Wilrijk (Belgium) since August and a denim addict since forever. Timmy describes himself as a weekend warrior and in addition to denim he is also into leather products, workwear and military inspired stuff. Timmy is participating with a pair of 1005SP Going to Battle Label Momotaro Jeans. Timmy’s introduction can be found by clicking here.

Tuomas is one of NDH bloggers and creatives. Although his denim project has already visited Thailand and Malaysia, he is currently living in Finland. He is participating in the project with G003-MB Copper Label Momotaro Jeans. Tuomas had a freezing kick-start to the project as he literally froze his jeans following a hot soak. Click here for his intro.

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