- To be eligible to take part in the contest, the contestant should have acquired a pair of jeans from Nordic Denim House. People are free to contribute to the project with jeans acquired elsewhere as well, but will not be eligible to take part in the actual contest or win the prize(s).

– In the beginning the jeans are still in a new condition, no half “broken in” jeans. Preferably brand new jeans. If you have already started to wear the jeans, we can consider a handicap for the time you have worn them. The jeans should not however have been worn for more than one month.

– The participants will actively (at least once per week) publish their project updates on the Project Wear and Tear site/blog. The updates should be in written form but can consist of only photos and videos as well.

– Nordic Denim House has the right to use the photos and stories published for the purpose of the project on the NDH Blog from time to time.

– The winner will be chosen by voting by the readers.

– The winner can choose a pair of jeans from the NDH catalog free of charge exclusive of Gold Label Momotaro Jeans. The availability of the selected jeans need to be confirmed with Nordic Denim House and the producer upon confirmation of the winner. We will inform you about other possible prizes along the way.

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