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Of love and denim

It’s Valentine’s Day again. The day when flower sales suddenly increase and everyone is expressing their love to their significant others, or just others. It’s that one day of the year I tend to forget, but that thing aside it’s … Continue reading

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The comparison – Lot 3010 vs G003-MB

As mentioned on Facebook yesterday. It’s about damn time I did a comparison between two of my favorite projects. The Northern Denim Co. Lot 3010 13.5oz Old American Selvedge Denim and Copper Label Momotaro Jeans G003-MB 14.7oz denim. One similarity … Continue reading

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Bluce on display

While waiting for his new pair of jeans Tuomas decided to share the jeans “with the world” outside of the blog. In a retail environment to be more accurate. His jeans are on display at Okiya. The jeans have seen … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

It has been an awesome year. Project Wear and Tear being just one piece in this awesome puzzle of life. Still it has been a great project, one of a kind as I would like to think of it. It … Continue reading

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0901 : May the force be with it!

Hi y’all, Just wanted to enter my final pictures of my much beloved Momotaor 0901 which started it’s life a year ago. Since my last update, I’v worn the jean for about 2 more weeks, and used it as an … Continue reading

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One Year

It was this time last year when we kick-started Project Wear and Tear. If my memory serves me right, we started the project with a Lion Dance. Not bad? It’s been one of the fastest years in my life, I … Continue reading

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0901 : The exp(l)osition

Hi everybody… Times have been hectic with our bizz, I almost forgot myself, as well as my beloved 0901… Like i mentioned before, I started a new project concenring only Mister FreedomĀ® garments. I must admit, I really admire the … Continue reading

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Commuting duties

Howdie, Today I want to introduce you my newest collection piece, yup, I keep on collecting denim. For a while I’ve been looking for a jean thal does work for me in terms of commuting (meaning, doing things on my … Continue reading

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New Beginning

End of one thing is just the beginning of another. That is not the end of Project Wear and Tear. Hell naw as some would say. Just the end (for the time being) of my KIKS TYO x Momotaro Jeans … Continue reading

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Hi y’all, Honestly, I almost forgot, but I managed to take some pix of Nora’s 7003SP… Like me, she’s beating the hell out of them, she doesn’t wear her pair daily, but isn’t concenred at all about how she treats … Continue reading

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